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  An American Success Story

  It all began as a simple idea and a humble building on Prospect Hill in West Warwick, Rhode Island. My father Louis Cicerone, had just returned home after serving his country in World War Two. While in recovery, he studied airplane mechanics with the hopes of being employed at Quonset Point Naval Base. Despite being part of America's "Greatest Generation" jobs were scarce.

So after marrying my mother, Carmela Santilli, and with a baby on the way, my father went to work for a local foundry. My uncle, Nicandro Cicerone, had been employed at various bakeries in the Federal Hill area of Providence. He had acquired knowledge and hands on experience about various baking techniques as he moved from bakery to bakery.

The idea for Superior Bakery was conceived as a result of a conversation between my father and another uncle. My father wanted to leave the foundry
Louie Cicerone
  and my Uncle Ernest told him he should open a bakery in West Warwick since there were none in the area at that time. So Uncle Nicandro and my father located a small vacant bakery on Prospect Hill and Superior Bakery was born.

Factory With my Uncle Nicandro providing the baking expertise to produce quality rolls and bakery pizza, my father went door to door acquiring customers. Once the orders were secured, my father delivered the products right to the customer's door every morning. Within 9 years, (1948 - 1957) the demand for new products and new customers, resulted in the purchase of land and the construction of anew and much larger facility on Oaklawn Avenue in Cranston, Rhode Island.

During this period, I began my training in all aspects of the Bakery operations under my father's and uncle's guidance. With my father's approval, I added additional products that were more specific to my individual customer's needs. My sons continue this practice today. The goal is to provide our customers with the best and freshest bakery products possible is our family's legacy. It is printed on every bag that leaves our building - "to provide the freshest quality possible". Our customers are our best friends and it is our duty to provide them from the deli owner, the small business, the restaurant, and to the parents, a "SUPERIOR" quality item.
Robert L. Cicerone
Helpers in the Bakery

1975 - present
1975 - present

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